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Milenko Pilic
“We have employees working from 5 countries and the app saves us a lot of time managing them. I simply love!”
Efrat Gotlib
Efrat GotlibTherapy24x7
“ helps me manage my team in different locations and allows them the flexibility to work remotely.”
Alex Dibben
Alex DibbenExpect Best
“ allows us to look over completed work by remote staff, shows when my staff is working and keeps a backup of work produced. Highly recommend!”
Rashmi Sinha
Rashmi SinhaVisas Avenue
“ makes it easy for us to manage the staff at different branch offices of Visas Avenue. The different locations of work is not a hurdle anymore. Thank you!”
Craig Crawford
“The best way to follow your team overseas is to actually see what they're doing...”
“ does exactly what we need it to, no more, no less. It's not packed with supposed "ancillary" features that may or not be useful. It's a lifesaver.”
Regan Calaway
Regan CalawayKBC Offshoring
“ is the most efficient way to track hours, manage projects, and most importantly your people! With one scroll through the home page, you'll know what everyone is working on.”
Thomas Kwon
Thomas KwonIdea Maker
“I've been using for several years and it has been a great tool. As my company grows, it’s easy to add people and get reports sent to me every week.”
Ulf Kuhn
Ulf Kuhn
“ is price competitive and the most reliable tool on the market. It tracks screens, prevents cheating, and doesn’t provide unnecessary features.”
“ has been a great tool for our business to allow us to managing our teams and reporting across the globe. Highly recommend to remote teams out there!”

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How it works
Employees track time

Employees track time

A manager invites employees to Employees install a lightweight desktop app, select a project they work on and press the Start button. Tracking starts and data is sent to the web in real time until the Stop button is pressed.
Managers see it on the web

Managers see it on the web

In their dashboards on, both employee and manager will see when the employee was working, how much time they spent on each task, screenshots of their screens taken at random intervals, their activity level, what applications were used, and what websites were open and for how long.
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Get reports you need, at a glance

Generate reports and charts on employees, clients and projects. Download in Excel for further analysis or to create invoices. Share with your clients. Set up automated emails. All in a few clicks.
Get reports you need, at a glance
All in a few clicks
Track without Internet
The app will continue time tracking and screenshot capture even without an Internet connection and will sync when the connection is restored.
As simple as it gets
Our uncluttered, polished and fast interface will make it more satisfying to use than anything else on the market.
Integrate using Web API
Connect your existing software to via API to retrieve tracked time and notes.